Below is an overview of the services I offer:

· Partial and full body massages
· Head and face massages
· Hand and feet massages
· Trigger point therapy (1)
· Lymph drainage therapy (2) and acroedema therapy (3)
· Body movement therapy
· Cold compression therapy (with ice)
· Thermal therapy (with hot rolls)
· Breathing therapy
· 9-Point-Method (4) (Counseling and Seminars)

(1) Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are callous (blockade) in muscles, tendons and tissues and are the most common cause for pain within the musculoskeletal system.

(2) Lymph Drainage Therapy

The purpose of the lymph drainage treatment is to drain water from swollen areas of the body.

(3) Acroedema Therapy

Note: Acroedema is defined as edema (an accumulation of an excessive amount of watery fluid in cells, tissues, or serous cavities) of hand or foot, often permanent.
This treatment is a compression handling using bandage and gymnastic methods.

(4) 9-Point-Method

The 9-Point-Method is a holistic idea to improve health, fitness and general sense of well-being.