Even as a young man I always had a strong desire to help people and searched for the mysteries of health, fitness and a sense of well-being. Over the past three decades I have been concerned with the study of Far Eastern philosophies and Asian medicine and have been in constant interchange with other competent professionals and experts on the subject. After my schooling and official training as masseur, physical movement therapist and balneotherapist, I felt inspired by the thought of developing my own holistic system to be more effective in helping my patients.

In the meantime, I can proudly state that the 9-Point-Method I developed has been a fantastic means by which to improve and live a healthy and fulfilling existence. Physical therapy in form of massage and bodywork is an important part of it. The 9-Point-Method plays a significant role in the rehabilitation of balance between health and fitness as well as a sense of well-being between the body, spirit and emotion and supports thereby the self-healing process of the body.

A healthy person moves constantly between activity and passivity, stress and relaxation and it is this rhythm that keeps the balance and harmony of the entire person alive.

My professional experience of now almost 30 years and the successful treatment of some thousands of patients, based on trust and understanding, has given me utter certainty that I am able to help you too and improve your way of life.

You are in the best of hands!