"One of the oldest naturopathic treatments known to humankind is that of massage. ... It is undoubtedly one of the most effective and beneficial ways to relax the body and the spirit."

-- Fritz Krummeck

Welcome to the Mobile Massage Service Rhein-Main .... Since 1983.

Don't you think health, fitness and a sense of well-being are prerequisites to a happy life?

Your searching for a best possible and holistic solution has come to an end!

About 10 years ago, I developed a 9-Point-Method for health, fitness and a sense of well-being. Physical therapy such as massages and bodywork are key ingredients of this so called 9-Point-Method.

Whether for medical and therapeutic reasons or simply to feel more comfortable. You are in the best of hands!

What I can do for you?

· Massage
· Movement Therapy
· Trigger Point Therapy
· Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy
· 9-Point-Method (Counseling and Seminars)

One big advantage: You don't have to go anywhere, because I will come to your home or office with any needed equipment.

Make an appointment to see me today!

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